Saturday, April 15, 2006


I'm off to Disneyworld (YAY)
  • Disneyworld!!!
  • There's not much else to say except that the person who commented earlier needs to stop swearing.


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    yeah disney world is the shit...if you're three and a half. and judging by the way you talk, i'd say that you are at least 14. no, really though congrats man, but you won't like much longer after you get there. i found it to be a boring and sadly immature place for tourists,(i was a tourist but not the kind i'm about to mention) in knee high socks,flannel shorts, and a white button up tee shirt to go and spend the money that they never needed to save up because they are so finacially well off, on useless mickey mouse flashlights that die tree minutes after the initial purchase, and on pictures of their children with a fat smelly guy that still lives with his mother,in a mickey mouse outfit.(most likely a pedifile) but, i mean other than that, and the poor living conditions, worthless merchandise, and horrible public restrooms, i'm sure you'll have lots of fun over there in fairy land.

    9:04 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    oh, and by the way, you just got owned by a 14 year old with a HUGE vocabulary. laters, i'm out.

    9:05 PM  
    Blogger T1cannon said...

    Oh, my...besides the fact that half of all your insults were spelled incorrectly, I would assume that this is yet another presumtous troglodyte that is doomed when the world ends. Sigh. I will go into a corner and start crying now.

    7:11 PM  

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