Thursday, June 30, 2005

Hi Everyone

Hello Everyone!Ijust started this blog out of curiosity and for fun.
I started by seeing a friend's site:

  • Right now I'm at my nieces house..... Ouch! Ooof! Stop it you(hang in there)!
    I feel so sorry for my friends..... they all do Kumon. Freak!
    Ha! Ha!Not!
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    (Please do)


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hi Daniel, it's me, Ethan. Interesting...

    9:45 PM  
    Blogger your one and only god said...

    hey, let me tell you a little secret...come closer...we don't want other people to hear this...if you are gonna be butt buddies at least do it behind closed doors where nobody can see or tell what you are doing. and we all know that you are doing it.

    10:51 AM  

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